What You Should Expect From Couples Counseling

When a person like you is looking for couples counseling, you usually understand that you are having “Communication problems.”

You correctly believe that your bad feelings of loneliness, frustration or resentment can be improved, if you and your partner can learn to speak to each other more honestly and more authentically.

Then you will feel loving and peaceful with your partner.

You will feel less anxiety that the relationship is deteriorating and that conflict is escalating.

My couples counseling can give you all these benefits.

In sessions with me, you will learn specific communication skills. Sadly most people never have a thorough course in vulnerable, open communication, and it’s no wonder that after some time in a relationship, you would experience a certain staleness and repetition in your relationship.

But the good news is that people who have a background in mindfulness or the desire to change can learn practical tools.

Then you practice them at home, using the book I wrote, A Path for Couples.

So my couples counseling is effective, short-term and solutions-oriented.
You can learn to speak to your partner intimately and lovingly.

You can create immeasurable positive results in your relationship: more creativity, happiness, peace, and connection.

I focus on the specific communication patterns of stress and conflict that occur in your relationship.

These patterns and conflicts are the places where change can happen quickly, because small changes in language and perspective can alter those stressed conversations, and lead to more understanding and intimacy.

I have found that A Path for Couples, a program of teachable skills and home practices, is the most effective way to transform your relationship into a vehicle for love and consciousness.

Here’s a quote from a man I worked with in couple’s counseling.
“I feel enriched by the couples work with you, and very grateful. Jane, my beloved, is in my heart now in a much bigger way, and we are moving forward together in real partnership. S.D., contractor, husband for 22 years.“