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A Path for Couples with Couples Counselor, George Taylor offers 10 practices to rekindle the love you once felt.

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"You and your partner can become a couple on a path of healing and growth. My book shows you how. My couples counseling gives you the skills."

~ George Taylor, Couples Counselor

Finding that original spark of love that brought you and your partner together in the first place

Relationships can bring us the greatest love and the greatest suffering.

Most of us have entered into relationships without ever learning how to communicate deeply and authentically. Even though we feel stress and conflict at times, we still have the dream that we can love more fully, talk more openly and find the original spark of love that brought you and your partner together in the first place.

With self-awareness, and with better communication strategies, you can become more kind, more joyful, and more forgiving. You can both let go of bad habits that create distance. And then, you will feel more love, more vitality, more acceptance, and more ease.

It’s not your fault that you never learned these key skills. You don’t get taught them in schools or churches. With study and attention, you can have the kind of emotional connection you long for.

As a couples counselor and marriage therapist, I can help you achieve these goals through my private couples counseling, online classes or book.

My deeper mission is to help couples like you find the joy and vitality that is missing. Thousands of couples have learned the simple program of skills and tools that are necessary for you to create the intimacy and connection you desire.

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A Path For Couples Book

The Ten Practices in the book teach you to solve specific couples problems:

  • Distance
  • Fighting
  • Poor Communication 
  • Power Struggles

Discover how to create a loving regular connection with your partner.

Live Online Classes

Learn to apply The Ten Practices in the book in FREE Couples Classes.

  • Free Live online group classes
  • 60 minute classes, the Third Wednesday of each month.
  • Participate from home
  • Privacy assured

Includes live Q&A with George Taylor, MFT. Under $200.

Couples Counseling

Learn specific communication skills that you practice at home then fine tune with my couples counseling.

  • 5 private 1-on-1 sessions
  • Via Skype or phone or in person
  • Practical approach
  • Immediate results

Fast track to more creativity, happiness, peace, and connection.