What is The Path for Couples?

The Path for Couples is a powerful methodology that helps couples experience the depth of love, kindness and joy that are possible in a relationship.

Most couples envision sharing a life of love and joy with each other. They look forward to deeper intimacy and inner discovery. Then somewhere along the way, they feel as though they are bushwhacking through a thicket of life’s issues.

They ask, “Is there a map or trail that will guide us on our journey?”

By following the Path for Couples you will:

- Experience true moments of connection with your Partner
- Create a relationship dedicated to healing and growth
- Learn tools that show you how you can change repetitive stressful conversations into opportunities for growth and healing.

The Path for Couples is a repository of the wisdom and experience of my 35 year marriage to my wife, Debra and my 25 years as a couples counselor.

Who takes the Path for Couples?

Couples who are conscious.
Couples who want to express more love.
Couples who want to be more authentic and vulnerable.
Couples who want to be more creative, within the safety. and challenge of a committed relationship.
Couples like you.

What Couples are Saying about the Path for Couples

"The primary benefit of the class was finding out so much about myself. The class helped me to understand my partner and be able to communicate in a loving and kind way."
~ Steve C., 60 Tech worker

"Our experience at the Path for Couples class totally rejuvenated our relationship and helped us restore badly-missed joy. We recommend it wholeheartedly for any couple."
~ Joanna G., 45 Mother and graphics artist

"The primary benefit of the class was I became more open,honest and loving. This class was extremely helpful, enjoyable and productive. It was filled with interesting couples who all were on a path of healing and it was taught by fabulous and talented teachers."
~ Debrorah P., Realtor

"George expertly and compassionately guides couples in practices that lead to a greater sense of well-being and joy. He does this with a sense of fun that makes the work feel like play."
~ Thomas T., 50, Contractor and father